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Updated March 10, 2007 --  Scroll down to read all stories

The legislature convened on March 6, 2007 for a legislative session which will end on June 18.  While the legislature is in session we will post information regarding legislation activities that might affect our industry.  Also, be sure to check the News page for more up to date information on pending bills or legislation.


You can visit the Alabama Legislative System for an update of all bills by following these instructions: 1) Click here. 2) Next, click on Bills in the upper left corner. 3) Then, click on Status under Bills and put in the bill number (i.e., SB501) and click Get Status.  You should see a description of the bill.

Three Bills Are Introduced Against The Industry In The Very First Week -- March 10, 2006

Three bills were introduced in the first week of this session: SB229, SB121 & SB120.  SB121 & SB120 will eliminate the payday and title industry in Alabama.  Below is a summary of the bills.  If you wish to see the bills, see the instructions above to visit the Alabama Legislative System.  We expect there may be more bills in the weeks ahead. 

SB119 Barron

Deferred presentment services, payday loans, consumer authorized to rescind loan transaction, rollover loans, extended payment plans, deferred presentment services transaction prohibited for military personnel, Secs. 5-18A-12, 5-18A-13 (reform proposals)

SB121 Bryne

Loans, based on borrower giving post-dated check, Deferred Presentment Services Act repealed, transactions regulated under Small Loan Act, Secs. 5-18A-1 to 5-18A-22, inclusive, repealed (regulated under the small loan act)

SB120 Barron

Motor vehicles, title loan business regulated under Small Loan Act, removed from Pawnshop Act, Sec. 5-19A-2. (regulate title pawn under the small loan act)

2006 Legislative Session Is Now History -- May 18, 2006

It is over!  During this session we had one bill introduced (see SB501 below) that would have been devastating to us.  Michael Sullivan, our lobbyist, was quick to respond.  It is probably not dead and we may very well see it again next session.  Our   motor vehicle revenue bill died. (below HB191 & SB164 below).  We need this bill and we pushed hard, but there were a few legislators who were adamant this bill would not pass.  Why? Because we are the title loan industry (predatory, etc.) and because it is an election year and they could pull it off.

Current Initiatives

SB501 -- State-wide database and new fees - March 25, 2006.  Among other things, this bill would create a state-wide title database, require reporting by title pawn operators of every title loan transaction and impose fees on title loans.

HB531 & SB322 -- Allow pawn operators to sell "Auto Club" Memberships - March 25, 2006.  This is a change to the insurance statute that will allow title pawn operators to sell auto club memberships (similar to AAA). 

Designated Agent Status For Title Pawn Operators - March 25, 2006.  The Department of Motor Vehicles will not establish title loan operators as Designated Agents.  This status is helpful in processing titles and allows access to the state-wide title database.  We have had discussions with the State and they have agreed to reconsider this prohibition later in the year when the new and improved online title information database has been implemented.

HB191 & SB164 -- Motor Vehicle Revenue Bill - January 21, 2006.  This bill, which we are promoting, provides our industry with the same rights as banks and consumer finance companies when selling a repossessed vehicle.  The bill will clear up the ambiguity that some at the State interpret to mean we are required to have a Motor Vehicle Regulatory license in order to sell or dispose of a vehicle.  There are companion bills  HB191 and SB164.


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