This information is for TPCA members and others who wish to contribute.




Budget:           $25,000


Deadline:     You can still give as long as we have your check by November 6th.  Please overnight your check to make sure we get it in time.



Options:          1) Write a check directly to Rapides PAC (preferred option)

2) Write a check to a member who is not targeted but who may be close to you.  Contact The Dakin Group to coordinate this option (see number below).


Whichever option is used, all checks should be sent to the Dakin Group to be coordinated and distributed.


Limits:               Individual contributions are unlimited

Corporate contributions follow a fairly complex formula.  We will accept any single contribution from your corporation up to $30,000.  We will apply the rules and return the check if there is a conflict.


Address:        Mail checks to the following address:

                        Mr. Michael Sullivan


The Dakin Group

PO Box 530894

Birmingham, AL 35253

Tel. 205-241-9607