December 12, 2005


Report to the members:

This past Monday morning, December 5th, Michael Sullivan, Max and I met with the new Banking Superintendent, Mr. John Harrison.  It was basically a meeting for him to get to know us and us to know him -- put faces with names etc.
Mr. Harrison is a small town banker from Luverne who understands small businesses.  He agreed with us that the Banking Department is not a legislative body but rather regulators who enforce previously passed laws.  He doesn't seem to be an activist and he assured us that he would get in touch with us directly if any problems arise.  He indicated he knew of no problems right now.  We explained our history and how the Title Pawn Council works and we discussed our membership (mostly small to medium Alabama based companies).  He thanked us for coming and indicated he would be happy to attend our next meeting.
I'm glad Michael got the meeting scheduled and that we had it this month since this next legislative session starts surprisingly early - January 10th.  It is an election year and there are sure to be fireworks when they go into session less than 30 days from now.  Stay tuned!
    - Jimmy