December 23, 2005


Disregard This Notice If You Have Already Received Your 2006 Licenses.

There apparently is a glitch in the new internet license renewal system for pawnbroker and deferred deposit licenses. The error occurs only if you have multiple licenses.  If you used the “back” button on your browser after you completed your first license application to then enter another license application the system only processed the first license.  All applications after the first application were not processed by the system.

To the best of our knowledge State Banking has not sent delinquent letters or notices, so you may not be aware of the problem.  Since the internet system uses credit cards and/or bank drafts, the quickest and best way to determine if your application has been processed is to check your account statements.  Look for amounts of $104 for a pawnbroker license and $504 for deferred deposit license (or multiples of this amount) paid to Alabama Interactive.  If an amount for each license was processed in your accounts then most likely your applications were processed.  The transactions will show within a day or so of when you made the online applications.  If the transaction does not appear on your statement, then most likely your licenses were not processed for renewal.

You will need to go back to the internet site and re-submit your applications for the locations that did not process.  When you do, make sure you do not use the back button on your internet browser to go to the next license application.  Close out of your internet browser and go back into the State Banking site to begin inputting the next license.  Do this for each application you wish to submit.  Here is a link directly to the State Banking renewal site:


If you have any questions, we suggest you call Alabama Interactive at 334-261-1990.  Make sure you have the printed receipts from your applications in front of you when you call.  Alabama Interactive can tell you what was processed.  You may also wish to contact Mr. Frank Long with the State Banking department at 334-242-3452 if you have other questions.