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We need your help!

We are beginning to see a little movement on the part of federal regulators to hear our side of the story.  Why now?  This attention just so happens to coincide with a few well placed letters to congressmen and senators.  We need more letters (many more) and we need them as quickly as you can send them..

We have developed a sample letter we urge you to send right away.  Click here to print a copy of the letter and to find the contact information for your representatives.  Here are a few suggestions that might help make your letter more effective than the thousands of others they recieve..

  1. Handwrite the letter.  It has more impact than typed letters that all sound the same.  It is important they hear from "their constituents," not mass mailed form letters from around the country.

  2. At a minimum, send the letters to your house member and to both senators.  If you know others well you may send to them also. 

  3. Change the wording to suite your style.  The letter is just a guide (we don't want them to all sound alike, anyway).  Just make sure you cover the main points as outlined in the sample letter in your letter.

  4. Fax and then mail a copy of the letter to your representative.  Send them to both their Washington office and the local state office.  Most representatives have multiple state offices.  Just send to the office closest to you.  Also, fax a copy to us at 205-444-9606.  That way we will know who has received letters.  This will help in our follow-up campaign.

Finally, there is something we can do that doesn't cost any money.  It takes just a little time and a few stamps.

Thanks for your help.  We will keep you posted on our progress.



Click here to print your sample letter.

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